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Dangeau’s Diary, June 1687

14th. — Versailles. The president Brion came to speak to the King, respecting his son’s marriage, which he considers as void. The King replied that he would not interrupt the course of justice, but thatContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, May 1687

5th. — The prince d’Isenghien is at the point of death, and has begged the Marshal d’Humieres to forgive his marriage with M. de Surville. The Marshal has received his daughter, whom Monsieur d’Isenghien hadContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, March 1687

9th. — Monsieur de Roquelaure had asked the King for the alienation fines of some estates be longing to Monsieur de Lauzun, and the King refused them, saying, that no person should wish to profitContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, February 1687

  13th. — Versailles. The Duc de Crequi died this evening at Paris at three o’clock. The Duc de Gesvres, gentleman of the chamber for this year, upon opening the King’s curtains, informed him ofContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, January 1687

  January 5th. — Versailles. The Dauphine was taken ill in the night. The King called upon her before he went to mass and his Majesty has deferred the children’s baptism till her health isContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, December 1686

10th. — The King has been very well today. He suffers very little and is very tranquil, but the intelligence he received this evening of the danger of Monsieur le Prince (le Grand Condé), hasContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, November 1686

7th. — In the evening there was an Italian opera performed, at which the King was present. I am informed that the servants of the Dutch ambassador have killed, in Paris, one of their fellows,Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, October 1686

2d. — Within these few days past, the King has very frequently seen the Siamese ambassadors, both in his little apartment, where he has said a thousand obliging things to them, and also in hisContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, September 1686

1st. — The King gave audience to the ambassadors from Siam, upon a throne raised for him at the end of the gallery adjoining the apartments of the Dauphine: the arrangements were admirable, and hisContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, August 1686

1st. — The King has presented Villa-Cerf with an employment to which no name has yet been given. It is partly that of comptroller-general of buildings under Monsieur de Louvois, who thereby will be relievedContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, July 1686

3d. — The King has given one hundred thousand francs to Monsieur de Ville, the inventor of the machine for raising the waters of the Seine. His Majesty has also increased his pension by twoContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, June 1686

  June 12th. — The Pope has caused great rejoicings to be made for the conversion of the heretics of France. He held a consistory expressly, in which he has bestowed great praises upon theContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, May 1686

2d. — Mademoiselle de Malause, who still remains a Huguenot, has been ordered to retire to a convent. 6th. — Letters received from Rome state, that several Quietists have abjured. Their errors are mostly foundedContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, April 1686

5th. — Quinault has requested the King to excuse him from writing operas. During his last illness, some scruples occurred to him. His Majesty has acquiesced in his wish. He is about writing a poem,Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, March 1686

26th.— On the 13th of January, Monsieur Girardin, the King’s ambassador at the Porte, assembled all the French residents, and in the King’s name announced to them that none but Catholics should henceforth enjoy theContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, February 1686

2nd. — The King refused to sign the marriage-contract of Mademoiselle de Tonnerre, saying that he would confer that honour upon those only with whom he was satisfied. 13th. — l am informed that MonsieurContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, January 1686

January 2d. — There was a kind of sedition at Saint Germain. The inhabitants having risen to demand that their curate should not be dismissed. Seditious expressions were uttered, several persons were imprisoned by orderContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, December 1685

5th. — This evening, the King in formed the Duc de Beauvilliers that he had chosen him to fill the situation of President of the Chamber of Finance. Monsieur de Beauvilliers represented that he hadContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, November 1685

1st. — The Prince de la Roche-sur-Yon has written a letter to his Majesty, which was delivered to him by Bloin, but which his Majesty would not read. The Prince de la Roche-sur-Yon informs hisContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, October 1685

2d. — The King at his levee received the intelligence that all the town of Castres was converted. 5th. — We have learnt that Montpellier and all the diocese, as well as Lunel, Maugnio, Aigues-Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, September 1685

1st. — Intelligence arrived that the Princes de Conti, three days after the taking of Neuville, had left Hungary. That they had already arrived at Strasburg, whence they had dispatched a courier to Monsieur leContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, June 1685

1st. — The King’s daughter, Mademoiselle de Nantes, completed her twelfth year this day, and Madame de Montespan regrets that arrangements have not been made for the marriage to take place tomorrow. They will waitContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, May 1685

4th. — This evening at nine o’clock the Dauphine passed into the King’s little apartment and no courtier was admitted. There was a lottery, consisting of three thousand tickets, among which there were twenty-four prizes,Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, April 1685

2nd. — The King bought the Hôtel de Vendome at Paris. It cost him two hundred thousand crowns for the creditors, and six thousand louis to Monsieur de Vendome (Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Duc deContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, March 1685

4th. — There was a little carousel. It consisted of two quadrilles, the quadrille of the Christians was composed of myself, representing Charlemagne, Monseigneur as Zerbin, Monsieur de la Roche Guyon as Aquilan le Nuir,Continue reading