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Dangeau’s Diary, May 1685

4th. — This evening at nine o’clock the Dauphine passed into the King’s little apartment and no courtier was admitted. There was a lottery, consisting of three thousand tickets, among which there were twenty-four prizes,Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, April 1685

2nd. — The King bought the Hôtel de Vendome at Paris. It cost him two hundred thousand crowns for the creditors, and six thousand louis to Monsieur de Vendome (Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Duc deContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, March 1685

4th. — There was a little carousel. It consisted of two quadrilles, the quadrille of the Christians was composed of myself, representing Charlemagne, Monseigneur as Zerbin, Monsieur de la Roche Guyon as Aquilan le Nuir,Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, February 1685

4th. – Madame de Montespan has this day returned from Paris, where she had passed two or three days during her absence, the King went every evening after supper to Madame de Maintenon’s. I learnContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, January 1685

1st. — The King gave Monseigneur, le Grand Dauphin, a New Year’s present of four thousand pistoles, besides the fifteen hundred he allows him monthly. He also presented Monsieur with a similar gift. 2d. —Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, December 1684

1st — This evening, Madame de Grignan came to thank his Majesty for the four thousand crowns which he had given Monsieur de Grignan, for the extraordinary expenses he had on the coast, in Provence.Continue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, November 1684

4th. — Three new actresses were chosen for the King’s company and the Dauphine gave them an admonition to behave well for the future. 5th. — A play was performed in the evening. It wasContinue reading