Category: Dames de la cour

Better and lesser known ladies of Louis XIV’s court.

Anne-Madeleine de Conty d’Argencourt

Before Marie Mancini and Louise de La Vallière, Louis XIV, aged tender sixteen, had a fling for a certain Mademoiselle de la Motte-Argencourt. Born in 1637 or 1638 to Pierre de Conty d’Argencourt and Madeleine de Chaumont de Bertichères, Anne-Madeleine deContinue reading

Bonne de Pons, Marquise d’Heudicourt

Bonne de Pons was born between 1641 and 1644 in Poitou to Pons de Pons, Seigneur de Bourg-Charente, and his wife Elisabeth de Puyrigaud. Bonne is the youngest of the couple’s three children, having an older brother, RenaudContinue reading

Marie Mancini, Princesse Colonna

Anna Maria Mancini, adopted, like her sisters and cousins, the French version of her name, Marie, as she came to France. Born on August 28, 1639, to the Italian aristocrat and necromancer Lorenzo Mancini andContinue reading

Laure Martinozzi, Duchesse de Modène

Born as Laura Martinozzi on May 27, 1639, Laura adopted the French version of her name, Laure, when setting foot on French soil. She was the oldest daughter of Laura Margherita Mazzarini, sister of Cardinal Mazarin, and theContinue reading

Claude de Vin des Œillets

Claude de Vin des Œillets, dite Mademoiselle des Œillets, was born in the Provence in 1637, as daughter of Nicholas de Vin and Alix de Faviot, better known by their stage name des Œillets, bothContinue reading

Anne-Marie Martinozzi, Princesse de Conti

Born in 1637, as youngest daughter of Comte Girolamo Martinozzi and Laura Margherita Mazzarini, sister of Cardinal Mazarin, Anne-Marie came to France in 1648 together with her mother and sister Laura.  Mother and daughters lived firstContinue reading

Hortense Mancini, Duchesse Mazarin

Born on June 6 in 1646, Ortensia was the second youngest of the Mancini sisters, who along with their Martinozzi cousins were known as les Mazarinettes.   Ortensia was six years old as she arrivedContinue reading

Marie-Anne Mancini, Duchesse de Bouillon

Born in 1649, to Girolama Mazzarini, sister of Cardinal Mazarin, and Lorenzo Mancini, a Baron and necromancer, Marie-Anne Mancini was the youngest of the five famous Mancini sisters, who along with their Martinozzi cousins becameContinue reading

Louise de Kérouaille

Born on 6 September 1649, into a noble but relatively poor Breton family, Louise Renée de Penancoët de Kérouaille, was the daughter of Guillaume de Penancoët, Seigneur de Kérouaille, and Marie de Ploeuc de Timeur.Continue reading