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Funny, sad and scandalous stories from the court of Louis XIV.

A Party At Vaux-le-Vicomte…

“On 17 August, at six in the evening Fouquet was the King of France: at two in the morning he was nobody.” This quote by Voltaire sums the evening of 17 August in 1661 perfectly up. InContinue reading

The Miracle Birth Of Louis XIV

Anne d’Autriche and Louis XIII had been married for a long twenty-three years before their first son, Louis XIV, was born. This birth of a healthy heir to the throne of France was regarded aContinue reading

The Death Of Madame

Saint Cloud, June 30, 1670, three o’clock in the morning. Henrietta of England, Henriette d’Angleterre as the French called her, Minette as she was called by her brother, closes her eyes forever. Madame, as she wasContinue reading

The Royal Fistula

Louis XIV was, as everyone else, plagued by the occasional illness. He had the smallpox as child and nearly died, he had a form of typhoid fever and nearly died, he had measles, fevers, colds,Continue reading

The Pleasures of the Enchanted Island

The gardens of Versailles saw their first grand fête in May 1664, the Pleasures of the Enchanted Island. This elaborate garden party marked the beginning of Versailles’ transformation from Louis XIII’s hunting lodge to LouisContinue reading

A Party at Chantilly

As Louis XIV announced his intention to pay a visit to le Grand Condé in April 1671, he had no idea that the honor he bestowed upon Condé, the honor of having the King andContinue reading

The Black Nun of Moret

There are many interesting tales that once circulated at the court of Louis XIV in form of juicy gossip and this one is especially juicy by all means. It is the tale of a darkContinue reading