Dangeau’s Diary, July 1686

3d. — The King has given one hundred thousand francs to Monsieur de Ville, the inventor of the machine for raising the waters of the Seine. His Majesty has also increased his pension by twoContinue reading

Versailles Season Three….

Season three of Canal +’s Versailles is currently being filmed in Paris and surroundings. While we had no clue what to expect from season one story-wise and had a bit of a clue for seasonContinue reading

Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Born in Reims on 29 August 1619 into a family of wealthy merchants, Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s family claimed to descend from ancient Scottish nobility, something that could never be proved. His father Nicolas Colbert, Sieur de Vandières, acted as merchantContinue reading

Dangeau’s Diary, June 1686

  June 12th. — The Pope has caused great rejoicings to be made for the conversion of the heretics of France. He held a consistory expressly, in which he has bestowed great praises upon theContinue reading

Le Grand Carrousel

  Louis XIV was a King that loved to show off and how to do that better than with hosting grand spectacles? If you have been to Paris, you probably stood in front of theContinue reading

Congratulations! It’s a book!

As Marie-Thérése gave birth to her first child, Louis XIV was so filled with joy that he apparently opened the windows wide and shouted at the crowd outside ‘The Queen gave birth to an heir!’.Continue reading

A Thousand Notable Things by Thomas Lupton

If you ever wondered what household tricks your ancestors might recommend, have a look at Thomas Lupton’s A thousand notable things, on various subjects; disclosed from the secrets of nature.      It’s a vast collection ofContinue reading

17th century beauty hacks

Beauty hacks and tricks to enhance body features are nothing new. The ladies in the 17th century had quite a few of them, some dating back to ancient times, on how to lose weight, makeContinue reading

La Fronde

Long before the Revolution shook France and turned the country upside down, there was the Fronde. A sort of civil war lasting from 1648 to 1653. During this time of general unrest, Louis XIV, still aContinue reading

Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue…

  ‘THE WILDEST AND MOST FANTASTICAL ODD MAN ALIVE.’ Susan Cooper-Bridgewater explores the life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, in Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue, a gripping novel that weaves together fact andContinue reading