The Last Days Of Louis XIV – August 9, 1715

Starting today, we will follow the last journey of the King with day-to-day updates from his health declining to Louis XIV’s death and funeral.
Louis XIV on horseback at the Siege of Besançon in 1674
Louis XIV on horseback at the Siege of Besançon in 1674

August 9, 1715

After Louis XIV’s health had declined in the previous months, the Sun King began to suffer of a pain in the leg in August. This pain made standing or walking painful, yet Louis continued to perform his daily duties. Guy-Crescent Fagon, Louis XIV’s physician, and Madame de Maintenon both thought it to be a passing malady, but the King’s First Surgeon, Georges Mareschal, noticed signs that this might be something bigger. On August 9, Louis XIV followed the hunt in his carriage. He was no longer able to participate himself, having reached the high age of 76, yet still loved to watch it. On his return to the palace, it was noticed the King showed signs of great fatigue and exhaustion.

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