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Living at Versailles….

To live like a King or Queen… or even better, to live like a King or Queen at Versailles. A golden palace of dreams, where everything seems possible. Doesn’t that sound great? In reality, weContinue reading

La Galerie des Glaces

The chateau de Versailles has a lot of places and rooms that make one look around in awe, but the most impressive of them all is most likely the Hall of Mirrors aka the GalerieContinue reading

L’escalier des Ambassadeurs

L’escalier des Ambassadeurs, also called Grand escalier de Versailles, was one of the château’s main attractions and of great political importance. This monumental staircase was the place, where ambassadors from all around the world were waiting toContinue reading

Le potager du roi

One of the most important places of Versailles was the potager du roi -the King’s kitchen Garden- for it ensured the Sun King always had enough of his favourite vegetables and fruits on his plate. He didContinue reading

Le Trianon de Porcelaine

In the 1670’s, as the palace of Versailles was still in the making, its park bordered on a little village called Trianon.   Trianon, or Triarnum as it was called in a papal bull ofContinue reading

Le Appartement du Roi

The more private version of the Grand Appartement du Roi, faces the cour de marbre and served as the living quarters of Louis XIV. While the Grand Appartement was open to the nobles during the day and certainContinue reading

Le Grand Appartement du Roi

Setting one’s fashionably heeled feet on the polished parquet of the Grand Appartement du Roi was the highlight of every noble in 17th century France. Today, when visiting Versailles, the usual personal highlight of the visitContinue reading

Dining with the Sun King….

Louis XIV enjoyed to eat. A lot. Although, as he said himself, he never really felt such a thing as hunger and could go the whole day without eating anything, once the first drop ofContinue reading