Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, June 1663

Louis XIV painted by Charles Le Brun in 1661.

1 June, his Majesty, upon waking, is feeling better and it appears the worst is over. The King’s physician believes it is due to his decision to bleed his Majesty, although one would not do it on a patient with a fever so high. It is said that his Majesty told Monsieur Vallot, his physician, that he himself did not believe he would wake up this morning, having felt close to death the whole night. His Majesty’s condition improves further over the course of the day. He is bleed at six o’clock in the evening.

2 June, his Majesty has slept very well and woke without any sign of fever. He is feeling his strength return and all of France rejoices.

3 June, Sunday, his Majesty’s condition has improved greatly and feeling a slight hunger, his Majesty ate a soup. Later, his Majesty, in bed, receives “an influx of people of quality” and the magistrates of Paris “without feeling the least inconvenience”. All congratulate his Majesty on his recovery.

4 June, his Majesty, to the great delight of everyone, consumed a soup. A clyster is planned for later today. At five o’clock in the evening, his Majesty, feeling very well, decided to leave his bed in order to walk a little. Everyone is well amazed his Majesty has regained his strength so quickly, for he, after three hours, returned to bed without feeling exhausted.

5 June, his Majesty rose at his usual hour, feeling very well, and got dressed at once. He has planned for today a meeting of his council on matters of State. His Majesty has today, for the first time since his illness, consumed a proper meal with meat and even walked in the gardens for several hours.

6 June, his Majesty is feeling as if he has regained his full strength again. He will today meet his Ministers on important matters. It is planned that their Majesties will return to Paris soon.

9 June, their Majesties return to Paris from Versailles. Of the course of the day, his Majesty is greeted by all of the important persons of the city and complimented on his swift recovery.

13 June, his Majesty travels to the Plaine de Colombes, in company of the Duc d’Enghien and the Prince de Mecklembourg, for a review of his troops.

15 June, his Majesty receives the ambassadors of Spain, Venice and Savoy, who all come to congratulate his Majesty on his swift recovery from such a terrible malady. After which his Majesty and Madame attend the baptism of the eldest son, who is thus named Louis, of the Comte and Comtesse de Béthune at the chapel of the Queen-Mother.

18 June, his Majesty receives the ambassadors of Denmark, Holland, Mantua as well as various foreign people of quality, who all come to congratulate his Majesty on his swift recovery.

19 June, their Majesties travel to Saint-Cloud, where Monsieur invites to snacks and a splendid fireworks display.

22 June, his Majesty receives the ambassador of Savoy, who brings with him Monsieur Brichanteau, who was sent by the Duc de Savoie to congratulate his Majesty on his recovery.

27 June, their Majesties travel to Saint-Germain for a promenade in company of Monsieur and Madame.

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