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A Thousand Notable Things by Thomas Lupton – Party like 1660

A Thousand Notable Things by Thomas Lupton

If you ever wondered what household tricks your ancestors might recommend, have a look at Thomas Lupton’s A thousand notable things, on various subjects; disclosed from the secrets of nature. 



It’s a vast collection of all kind of tips, tricks, advice on how to deal with illnesses or children and wives, how to keep the plague away and cure deafness, how to make ink, make your candles burn longer, dye fabrics or get rid of nasty pimples… some of it is rather strange, other things quite hilarious. Back in the days, these kind of books were cherished like treasures and provided services like google does today. Have a strange itch? A thousand notable things knows the cureYour wife is pregnant? Better keep her away from animals and don’t let her sleep on her side, or it might be a girl she gives birth to. Crows eat your garden empty? Plant some garlic, they don’t like that. You suffer from gout? No problem either, A thousand notable things got several cures for it.



The author, Thomas Lupton, has written several books in the 16th century, such as A Moral and Pitieful Comedie intituled All for Money, plainly representing the Manners of Men and Fashions of the World nowe-a-dayes, which are still being reprinted. A thousand notable things consists of several smaller books and the best thing about it, you can get the 1815 edition for free on Definitely worth a read.