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About & Contact – Party like 1660

About & Contact

Bonjour! Welcome to the ballroom. Straighten your cravat, adjust your coiffure and ribbons, to dance through 17th Century France and the splendid court of the Sun King. Here you will find interesting tales and gossip, chatter about the court, talk of poison and mistresses, mazarinettes, etiquette, and, of course, much ado about Louis XIV himself, as well as Canal +’s Versailles.


Aurora von Goeth, is a German Mademoiselle with a passion for the time of Louis XIV. During the years, she has done extended research on court life, hierarchy and etiquette. As well as on her special interest topics Philippe de France, brother of the great Sun King, and his infamous lover the Chevalier de Lorraine and his family.

Her first book, written together with Jules HarperLouis XIV, the Real Sun King, a biography on the life of Louis XIV and will be published by Pen & Swords in June 2018. Another book about the château de Versailles behind the scenes in the time of Louis XIV is currently in the making.

Aurora offers consultancy and research services for historical projects and historical fiction. For questions and inquiries, please leave a message in the form below.

You can also find her on Twitter, where she posts interesting news about 17th century France, or on Facebook. Or read her guest posts In bed with the Sun King on and A secret gay brotherhood at the court of Louis XIV on


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