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Dangeau’s Diary, December 1685 – Party like 1660

Dangeau’s Diary, December 1685

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau
Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau

5th. — This evening, the King in formed the Duc de Beauvilliers that he had chosen him to fill the situation of President of the Chamber of Finance. Monsieur de Beauvilliers represented that he had no acquaintance whatever with that business and that perhaps his Majesty would repent his choice, and begged him again to reflect upon it. The King replied,that he had well weighed it and that Monsieur de Beauvilliers must reflect upon it himself, and give a decided answer in the morning.

6th. — Monsieur de Beauvilliers accepts the place with which the King honours him, still telling his Majesty that he thinks himself inadequate to it. The King answered him ” I am pleased at your accepting it voluntarily, for had you declined it, I should have used my authority to make you accept it.” Monsieur de Beauvilliers is not yet thirty-eight years of age and his youth enhances the value of so great a favour. Monsieur de Saint-Aignan came to thank the King, upon his leaving mass, the King told him that he ought not to thank him and that the favour he had granted his son was but a tribute to his virtue and merit.

13th. — Madame de Montespan informed Madame de Maintenon this morning that she was very desirous that Monsieur d’Antin, her son, should be placed about the person of Monseigneur in quality of what is called Mertin or gentleman. This evening the King, upon entering Madame de Montespan’s apartments, told her that it was with much pleasure he granted her request.

16th. — It has been judged expedient to send into Piedmont to congratulate Madame Royale on her happy accouchement. Monsieur d’Urfe has been selected for the mission. For some time, it was thought his Majesty would not have sent, as it was not a boy, but it being found in the registers, that the King had complimented the Portuguese court on the birth of a girl, his Majesty considered it as a precedent.

30th. — Roussi, a Persian, in whose favour the King formerly caused a very important law-suit to be decided, has returned here. He brings some very beautiful horses from Persia for his Majesty. This poor man has testified his gratitude to the King upon many occasions in a very striking manner.