Dangeau’s Diary, October 1689

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau

1st. — The King returned from hunting, and as soon as he was unbooted, went to the Dauphine, who told him that she was resolved no longer to consult any but her usual physicians. The King then visited the Duc de Bourgogne, who has been attacked with fever. The King wished to see the apartments of Monsieur and Madame de Beauvilliers, to judge whether they had been well arranged.

18th. — Signor Inni, Monsieur de Chaulnes’ gentleman, has brought the news that Cardinal Ottoboni was elected Pope, on the 6th of this month. The courier only set off on the 9th. The day after his election, the Pope sent presents, fruit and fish, to Monsieur de Chaulnes, besides which he sent his own nephew to him, to assure him that he understood the obligations which he owed France in the present affair. All our cardinals voted for him. He has taken the name of Alexander VIII. This Pope belongs to one of the Venetian families who purchased their nobility about forty years since. He is above eighty years of age. He has already taken his nephew and made him secretary of state, in expectation of his being made cardinal. Monsieur de Chaulnes told him, on behalf of the King, that his Majesty restored Avignon to the Holy See. This Pope has much talent and great virtues. It is therefore hoped he will do his utmost to restore peace to Europe.

21st. — The King sends six vessels to Siam. Monsieur d’Eragny is going there. He takes with them four hundred men as a bodyguard for the King of Siam. Father Taschard returns thither. All the news, spread by the Dutch, respecting changes having taken place in that country, are apparently false.

(There are no entries for November 1689, thus we will continue in December.)

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