Historical Movies

Historical Movies



Versailles Season One: All ten episodes from the first series of the historical drama starring George Blagden as French monarch Louis XIV. In a bid to strengthen his weakening position among the country’s elite, Louis decides to move the French court from Paris to Versailles. However, with the Parisian nobility deeply opposed to the move, Louis is faced with negotiating a dangerous cycle of lies, deceit and vicious political manoeuvrings as he attempts to exert his authority.



The Rise and Fall of Versailles: Symbol of France’s glory, Versailles is probably the most splendid royal palace in Europe and is seen as one of the wonders of the world. From 1643 to 1792 it was the stage on which the most glorious period of the French Monarchy played out, until the darkest days, at the fall of the Bourbon dynasty. DVD set containing all three parts in French with English subtitles.


Versailles, le Chateau, le Domaine et les Jardins: Documentation of the chateau, the gardens, and the Trianons. French, Spanish, English language DVDs with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese.





The Taking of Power By Louis XIV: Also called The Rise of Louis XIV, is a French television film by Italian film director Roberto Rossellini. The film revolves around the French king Louis XIV’s rise to power after the death of his powerful advisor, Cardinal Mazarin. To achieve this political autonomy, Louis deals with his mother and the court nobles, all of whom makes the assumption that Mazarin’s death will give them more power. French Language DVD with English subtitles.

Vatel: Francois Vatel is the faithful and dedicated servant of the proud but ancient, ruined Prince de Conde. The prince wants to Louis XIV win over to get the command that way for a military operation against the Dutch. In this context, the prince asks Vatel to take care of the reception of Louis XIV and the Court of Versailles at the Château de Chantilly. The festivities will last for 3 days and 3 nights and have absolutely enchanting. Vatel summons an army of house staff works hard to prepare the de-catch to perfection to impress the king.

Le Roi Danse: The King is Dancing is a 2000 costume drama by Belgian filmmaker Gérard Corbiau based on Philippe Beaussant’s biography of Jean-Baptiste Lully. The film, presenting libertine and pagan Lully as a natural ally of the early Enlightenment figure Louis XIV of France in his conflicts with the Catholic establishment, focuses on Lully’s personal relationship with the King, as well as his camaraderie with Molière and rivalry with Robert Cambert. French language DVD.

Molière: 1644, Paris, and 22-year-old Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, also known as Molière, is not yet the writer that history recognizes as the father and true master of comic satire, author of The Misanthrope and Tartuffe, and a dramatist to rank alongside Shakespeare and Sophocles. Far from it. He is, in fact, a failed actor. His Illustrious Theatre Troupe, founded the previous year, is bankrupt. Hounded by creditors, Molière is thrown into jail, released, then swiftly imprisoned again. When the jailors finally let him go, he disappears. French with English subtitles.


Angelique Collection: Based on the novels of Anne and Serge Golon, the Angelique movies follow the struggle of Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup in 17th century France and take her from her idyllic childhood in the country to the court of Louis XIV, the gutters of Paris, and exotic lands.



Restoration: The exiled royal physician to King Charles II devotes himself to helping Londoners suffering from the plague, and in the process falls in love with an equally poor woman.



Girl With A Pearl Earring: A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works.




The Princess Of Montpensier: Based on the famous novel by Madame de Lafayette and in late 16th century France, this movie follows the love of Marie de Mezières for her dashing cousin Henri de Guise, thwarted when her father’s political ambitions force her into marriage with the well-connected Philippe de Montpensier, who she has never met.



A Royal Affair: A young queen, who is married to an insane king, falls secretly in love with her physician – and together they start a revolution that changes a nation forever. Danish with English subtitles.



Dangerous Beauty: Veronica Franco is denied a marriage with the love of her life Marco Vernier due to her lowly social status. However, she remains undeterred and begins to cultivate a powerful image as an intelligent and glamorous woman, eventually rising through the social ranks until she is a courtesan. Determined to deny the social constraints which bind her, Veronica’s ambition earns her respect – but also draws her towards danger.


The Libertine: Drama following the adventures of John Wilmot (Johnny Depp), the second Earl of Rochester. Known for his scandalous ways, he lives life in pursuit of vice with little recourse. Married but not satisfied, he has a passionate romance with a young actress, Elizabeth Barry (Samantha Morton), and writes a scurrilous play that lampoons its commissioner, King Charles II (John Malkovich).


Stage Beauty: Set in 17th century London, based on the play by Jeffrey Hatcher, Ned Kynaston is the brightest star in Restoration theatre. Since women are forbidden to appear on stage, the beautiful, brazen Ned is able to shine in all the great female roles, while his loyal dresser, Maria (Claire Danes) looks upon his success with admiration – and just a touch of envy. But when Charles II (Rupert Everett) changes the law to ban cross-dressing male actors and allow females onto the stage, Ned’s once-glittering career goes into freefall, giving Maria the chance she has always dreamed of.

The Girl King: Raised as a prince under a conservative Lutheran court, Queen Kristina grows up with ideas for modernising Sweden and bringing an end to war. Kristina begins to rule at the age of 18 and is quickly faced with choosing between her country, a male suitor, her people and her religion. She caused a scandal when she chose not to marry and anointed Countess Ebba Sparre, as her Bed Companion. Fighting for her country she chooses to take control of her destiny and to find the freedom she desires.


The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders: Based on the 18th century novel by Daniel Defoe, award winning writer Andrew Davis tells the story of the notorious Moll Flanders who survives on seduction, cunning and wit. Five times married, once to her own brother, Moll has had more than her fair share of sexual adventures but when the stock of husbands runs out she turns to a dangerous life of crime. Moll soon becomes Britain’s most wanted criminal.


La Reine Margot: During the late 16th century, Catholics and Huguenots are fighting over political control of France, which is ruled by the neurotic, hypochondriac King Charles IX and his mother Catherine de’ Medici. Catherine decides to make an overture of goodwill by offering up her daughter Margot in marriage to Henri de Bourbon a prominent Huguenot and King of Navarre.



Dangerous Liaisons: It is pre-Revolution France. The Marquise de Merteuil (Glenn Close) and the Vicomte de Valmot (John Malkovich) are decadent members of the Paris aristocracy. The Marquise challenges the Vicomte to conquer young Cecile (Uma Thurman), the wife-to-be of an old friend. However, the Vicomte prefers to work upon the seduction of Madame de Tourvel (Michelle Pfeiffer), a married and moral young aquaintance. The sexual and social repercussions of the seduction has disastrous effects.

Marie Antoinette: Written and directed by Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette is an electrifying yet intimate retelling of the turbulent life of history’s favorite villainess. Kirsten Dunst portrays the ill-fated child princess who married France’s young and indifferent King Louis XVI (Jason Schwartzman). Feeling isolated in a royal court rife with scandal and intrigue, Marie Antoinette defied both royalty and commoners by living like a rock star, which served only to seal her fate.


Farewell My Queen: In 1789, on the eve of the French Revolution, the court at the Palace of Versailles still live their routines, relatively unconcerned by the increasing turmoil in Paris a mere twenty miles away. The routines are seen through the eyes of the young Sidonie Laborde, who serves Queen Marie Antoinette.


The Duchess: Sumptuous historical drama starring Keira Knightley as 18th century aristocrat Georgiana Spencer, who was known for her glamorous and extravagant lifestyle. Married at a young age to the older Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes), Georgiana becomes a fashion icon and a shrewd political operator as well as darling of the common people. However, trapped in an unhappy triangle with her husband and his mistress, her search for love becomes desperate. When she begins a affair with an ambitious politician, the scandal causes conflict with her distant husband.

Charles II, The Power and the Passion: Rescued from exile by a desperate Parliament, Charles II returns to the throne at the age of 30. As the Plague and the Great Fire brings London to its knees, Charles nurtures the wittiest, most lascivious and decadent court of all time. A sensitive and promiscuous lover, he entertains an array of mistresses including high-born Barbara Villiers, sparky streetwise actress Nell Gwyn and aristocratic French spy Louise de Keroualle. Meanwhile, with a lack of a legitimate heir, his squabbling family grow ever more frantic.

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