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Jeanne de Rouvroy de Chevrièvres, Comtesse de Saint-Vallier – Party like 1660

Jeanne de Rouvroy de Chevrièvres, Comtesse de Saint-Vallier

Born in 1650, Jeanne was the daughter of Pierre de Rouvroy, Seigneur du Puy (Also called Marquis de Rouvroy, although he didn’t actually held that title.) and Marie Ursule de Gonteri.


Louis XIV painted by Nicolas-René Jollain le Vieux

The name Rouvroy hints a connection to the Duc de Saint-Simon, but this Rouvroy was not part of the Rouvroy de Saint-Simon family.

Jeanne, said to be very beautiful, became a fille d’honneur of the Queen in 1671, but only for two years. In 1673, at the request of Madame de Montespan, some of the Queen’s ladies, possible rivals, were dismissed and Jeanne was among them.

She became a fille d’honneur to Madame afterwards, again only for two years… but not because she was dismissed again.

The Comte de Saint-Vallier fell in love with her and apparently pushed his coquetry so far, that he was obliged to marry, against the advice of his parents, but by royal command. Said marriage took place on May 11 in 1675 and the couple had five children born between 1676 and 1689.

In 1681, Jeanne caught the gaze of the King and rumour has it she shared his bed for a brief time. She died only a couple of years later, in 1689, aged thirty-nine.