The Last Days Of Louis XIV – August 21, 1715

Georges Mareschal, the Royal Surgeon, has noticed a black spot on the king’s leg.

The Marquis de Dangeau writes: “The King passed this night still better than the last. He saw four of the physicians who are assembled here. He will see four others tomorrow, and they are all of the same opinion on the report that has been made to them of the King’s indisposition. The King kept his bed the whole day. He has postponed the review of the Gendarmerie till Friday, on account of his having taken cassia. At seven o’clock, Madame de Maintenon and the ladies went to his room, where there was a grand concert. He got up to supper at nine o’clock in his robe-de-chambre.

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  • Tiger

    I can only assume the King was suffering from DVT (deep vein thrombosis). The report of a “black spot” appears to signify the hemorrhaging of surface veins, perhaps from the strain the blockage placed upon peripheral arteries…
    I am not a physician, and would welcome more comments from those more qualified in the medical field.

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