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Anne-Madeleine de L’Isle Marivaux, Marquise de Calvisson – Party like 1660

Anne-Madeleine de L’Isle Marivaux, Marquise de Calvisson

Anne-Madeleine de L’Isle Marivaux was the daughter of François de L’Isle Marivaux, Marquis de Marivaux and his wife Catherine Caillebot. The couple was married in 1630 and had six children, four sons and two daughters.


Louis XIV

Not much is known about Anne-Madeleine, called Mademoiselle de Marivaux before her marriage, early days apart from that she was a pretty girl and admired for her spirit. On January 17 in 1657, as Louis XIV was nineteen years old, he met Mademoiselle de Marivaux at a social gathering and was immediately taken with her.

It was a ball hosted by Madame d’Argencourt and the young Sun King did a bit of flirting by telling her he got quite the pleasure from chatting with Mademoiselle de Marivaux and how refreshing it was. He then inquired if Mademoiselle de Marivaux intended to go to any other social gatherings any time soon and where she does usually take her supper. Anne-Madeleine gave him the desired answers to his questions and Louis showed up wherever she went in the next days with a serious case of heart-eyes going on.

Louis interest in Mademoiselle de Marivaux did not last for long however. As his interest in the young girl was noticed by Anne d’Autriche, she ordered her son to travel to Vincennes in hopes if he did not see Anne-Madeleine for a while, he might forget the stomach-butterflies she had caused him. It worked.

Mademoiselle de Marivaux did not manage to make the butterflies return as Louis returned. He already had a other love interest and this love interest made him blind to everyone else. It was Marie Mancini.

Anne Madeleine married Jean Louis de Louet, Marquis de Calvisson, on February 17 in 1661. Her first-born son, also named Jean Louis, later married Marie Madeleine Agnès de Gontaut Biron, who was a mistress of Louis XIV in the early 1680’s. Anne Madeleine, Louis XIV’s 1657 love interest, was thus the mother-in-law of his 1680’s love interest. She died on May 15 in 1698.