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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, April 1662 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, April 1662

Marie-Anne Mancini, Duchesse de Bouillon

1 April, according to rumours a great scandal happened last month. It appears that Mademoiselle de La Vallière had fled court for a convent and his Majesty was forced to ride there to make her return. Their Majesties sign the contract of marriage of Monsieur le Marquis de Vaubrun and Mademoiselle Marie-Marguerite-Thérèse de Bautru de Serrant, daughter of the Comte de Serrant.

2 April, Dimanche des Rameaux, their Majesties attend the chapel of the Louvre for the blessing and distribution of the Palm branches, after which they watch the procession, taking place in front of the Louvre, and return to the chapel for mass. Their Majesties, in the afternoon, return to the chapel of the Louvre to hear a sermon and the sung vespers.

4 April, after receiving officials, the King goes to visit the Prince de Condé, who is indisposed.

5 April, their Majesties travel to the Feuillants for the Tenebrae.

6 April, Holy Thursday, their Majesties return to the Feuillants for mass, then return to the Louvre to observe the cérémonie de la Cène in the grande salle des gardes. After which his Majesty attends the sermon of Abbé Gaudin, who is the canon of Notre-Dame, and receives absolution from the Bishop d’Aire. Then, in the afternoon, their Majesties return again to the Feuillants for the Tenebrae.

7 April, Holy Wednesday, after attending the sermon of Abbé Bossuet at the Louvre, their Majesties go to the Feuillants for the adoration of the cross and the Tenebrae.

8 April, their Majesties take part in the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at the chapel of the Louvre, and then go to the Oratoire for the matins.

9 April, Pâques, their Majesties, at Saint-Germain de Auxerrois, receive the Communion and Sacrament from the Abbé de Cando, after which they hear mass. After mass, and wearing the grand collier de l’Ordre, his Majesty goes to the gardens of the Tuileries, where he touches and heals those poor creatures suffering of disease by touching them. Le Roy te touche et Dieu te guerit. Their Majesties, in the afternoon, return to Saint-Germain de Auxerrois for mass and the vespers.

10 April, the King receives the provost of the merchants and the aldermen, before travelling to a review of his gendarmes, chevau-légers, gardes du corps and mousquetaires.

11 April, the King, at the Palais-Royal, participates in a courre les têtes (a competition of horsemanship) with the Prince de Marcillac, the Comte de Saint-Aignan and the Comte de La Feuillade.

13 April, the Duc and Duchesse Mazarin are on the way to Paris, to attend the wedding of the Duchesse’s sister. Poor Madame Mazarin suffers greatly under the strange airs of her husband, who forbids her jewellery and fashionable dresses. The Duchesse is not allowed male company, not event that of her brother, Monsieur de Nevers, and fears her husband’s outbursts of temper.

15 April, his Majesty reviews his troops near Colombes, after which he joins the Queens, Princesses and ladies of the court for a snack.

16 April, the King and Queen visit the Church of the Carmelites in the rue de Bouloy for their devotions.

17 April, Fete de Saint Francois de Paule, his Majesty attends mass at the Church of the Minimes of the Place-Royale. The preparations for the wedding of Mademoiselle Mancini (Marie-Anne) and the Duc de Bouillon are nearly done. Madame la Comtesse (Olympe Mancini), sister of the bride, insists for the celebrations to be held at the Hôtel de Soissons.

18 April, the King, like he has done in February, dances in the ballet Ercole amante by Monsieur Cavalli. It is said that the disagreement between his Majesty and Mademoiselle de La Vallière was caused by the latter refusing to tell his Majesty what she had witnessed in regards of the conduct of Madame and the Comte de Guiche.

19 April, the King enjoys the chase with the gentlemen at Vincennes, after which he meets the Duc Mazarin for dinner. His Majesty appears to be slightly irritated after meeting the Duc Mazarin, for the latter told him the Archangel Micheal appeared to him in a dream and commanded him to warn the King his fondness of Mademoiselle de La Vallière would have consequences. Their Majesties, in the evening, sign the contract of marriage of the Duc de Bouillon and Mademoiselle Mancini. The wedding will take place the following day.

20 April, their Majesties and the court attend the wedding of the Duc de Bouillon and Mademoiselle Mancini at the chapelle de la Reine. A lavish affair, which was arranged by Cardinal Mazarin the night before his demise. After the wedding ceremony, their Majesties join the celebrations, arranged by the Comtesse de Soissons, in honour of the Duc and his beautiful Duchesse.

21 April, it is said that her Majesty, the Queen, does not believe the talk regarding his Majesty and Mademoiselle de La Vallière. Her Majesty believes that a King could only love a Queen and never a province beauty of low-nobility, thus she thinks it could not possibly be true.

22 April, the King grants an audience to the Baron Bielsc, envoy of Sweden, who has come to congratulate their Majesties on the birth of a healthy heir. Later today, Ercole amante will be performed again.

23 April, their Majesties, at the Louvre, attend a Te Deum sung in celebration of the birth of her Majesty’s brother (the future Charles II of Spain), which took place on the 6th November of the previous year.

24 April, the King participates in a courre la bague (a competition of horsemanship) at the Palais-Royal, after which he, in the best of moods, invites to a promenade.

25 April, Ercole amante is performed again today.

27 April, his Majesty has today signed a defence treaty with the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Vive le Roi! Monsieur de Marigny has been sent to the Bastille today for producing a sonnet in favour of Monsieur Fouquet. He is not the first. Three others have met the same fate this month.

28 April, What a scandal! It just became known that his Majesty told the Comte de Guiche he is no longer welcome at court!

29 April, his Majesty grants an audience to the ambassador of Savoy and the envoy of the Prince de Brandebourg. Ercole amante is performed again today.