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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1661 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1661

Nicolas Fouquet painted by Édouard Lacretelle

1 September, his Majesty arrives in Nantes around noon to attend the états de Bretagne. Monsieur Fouquet has already arrived the previous day.

1 September, after arriving in Nantes, the King proceeds to the chateau where he meets various deputies, before walking to the chateau’s parapet on the river side to be greeted by the town with a canon salute.

1 September, in a secret meeting of his Majesty and and Monsieur Le Tellier preparations are made for the arrest of Monsieur Fouquet, who ought to be brought to the chateau d’Angers. #1661

2 September, his Majesty summons Monsieur de Batz de Castelmore, called d’Artagnan, a lieutenant of his Majesty’s Musketeers, of whom he wishes to arrest and guard Monsieur Fouquet. Due to d’Artagnan suffering of a fever, the arrest is postponed.

3 September, the King receives the deputies once more, before he goes to watch his Musketeers exercise.

4 September, his Majesty sends Louis-Henri de Loménie to make inquires regarding Monsieur Fouquet’s health. At noon, the King meets with Monsieur d’Artagnan, who has nearly recovered, and orders the arrest of Monsieur Fouquet. Monsieur d’Artagnan requests a written confirmation of this order.

5 September 1661, it is his Majesties birthday. Long live the King. #ViveLeRoi

5 September, his Majesty sits at council until 11 o’clock. Monsieur Fouquet, present during it, is in a pleased mood, for the King has spoken good of him.

5 September, Monsieur d’Artagnan, lieutenant of the King’s musketeers, awaits Monsieur Fouquet outside the council chamber. The latter is shocked as Monsieur d’Artagnan arrests him on the spot.

6 September, the King receives, for the third time, the members of the etats de la province, led by the Bishop of Saint-Brieuc, after which he meets Monsieur d’Argouges of the Parlement de Rennes.

6 September, news of Monsieur Fouquet’s arrest on the previous day spreads and whoever hears of it is shocked.

7 September, his Majesty leaves Nantes around two o’clock in the morning and heads towards Saumur.

7 September, Monsieur Fouquet is brought from Nantes to the chateau d’Angers. He is in no good condition and feverish. His doctor, Monsieur Jean Pecquet, and his valet La Vallée are locked inside a cell with Monsieur Fouquet.

7 September, his Majesty arrives in Amboise, where he will spend the night.

8-13 September, the properties belonging to Monsieur Fouquet, among them the chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, are locked and sealed. A inventory is made.

8 September, after leaving Amboise, his Majesty arrives at Fontainebleau around midnight. Showing “vigor of body and mind, which can not be compared to anything”.

13 September, the dominating topic of conversation is still the unfortunate Monsieur Fouquet. Talk has it that his friends are burning letters and documents due to fear they could share his fate.

15 September, his Majesty abolishes the office of surintendant des finances and creates the conseil royal des finances, which he will lead himself. Monsieur Colbert is appointed Minister of State.

19 September, his Majesty leaves Fontainebleau at seven o’clock in the morning on horseback and rides to Vincennes with Monsieur le Prince and Monsieur le Duc, and from there to Paris.

19 September, his Majesty inspects the building work done at the Louvre as well as the new Salle des Machines of the Tuileries.

19 September, the King crosses the bridge to Saint-Cloud to dine with his brother. His Majesty appears impressed by the chateau and its garden. He heads back towards Fontainebleau afterwards.

20 September, her Majesty, in a state of advanced pregnancy, is in very good health. The doctors reckon the child will be born towards the end of the next month. May God bless France and their Majesties with a healthy Dauphin!

22 September, back in Fontainebleau, his Majesty grants audiences to the papal ambassador and the ambassador of Venice.

26 September, the King appoints the Marquise de Montausier, Julie-Lucine d’Angennes, Governess of the Children of France.

27 September, while the court still talks about Fouquet, rumour has it the King talks about love to Mademoiselle de La Vallière.