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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, January 1662 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, January 1662

Louis XIV in 1662 with the salle des machines du palais des Tuileries in the background.

1 January, his Majesty returns to the grand couvent des Augustins, where the festivities which started the previous day continue, and participates in mass and Communion celebrated by the Archbishop of Lyon. After mass, his Majesty goes to meet the ill to heal them with his touch. Le Roy te touche et Dieu te guerit. His Majesty again returns to the couvent des Augustins, where the monks have prepared a banquet in the great refectory. His Majesty then participates in the service held for the deceased Chevaliers d’Ordre.

2 January, his Majesty attends the final ceremonies for the Chevaliers d’Ordre at the couvent des Augustins and then hears mass celebrates by the Archbishop of Rouen.

3 January, for the occasion of the Fête de Saint Geneviève, their Majesties go to the church dedicated to Saint Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris, to hear mass.

4 January, Monsieur d’Artagnan and a group of Musketeers are sent to Vincennes to watch over Monsieur Fouquet and to end the dispute between Monsieur de Talhouët, who was responsible for Monsieur Fouquet, and Monsieur de Marsac, the lieutenant of the prison. His Majesty receives Francesco Ghiron Villa, extraordinary ambassador of Savoy and the Marquis de Saint-Maurice, envoy of the Duc de Savoie, Charles-Emmanuel II, and his mother Madame Royale, Christine de France.

5 January, his Majesty holds a grand supper in his grand antichambre for her Majesty and her Majesty the Queen-Mother, as well as for Monsieur, his brother, and Mademoiselle (Anne-Marie-Louise d’Orléans) and selected ladies of the court.

January, Epiphanié, his Majesty receives the Abbe Maruselli, who is a subject of the Grand-Duc of Tuscany, for his first audience. As well as the envoys of the Duc de Mantoue and the Duc de Weimar, who all bring their best wishes for the birth of the Dauphin.

7 January, The King receives the Comte de Rangone, envoy of the Duc de Mondéne, and gives the administration of the town and chateau of Saint-Michel to Monsieur de La Chassetiére (Louis Brodeau). A miracle took place today at Port-Royal-des-Champs. Sœur Catherine de Sainte Suzanne, only surviving child of Monsieur de Champaigne, has been healed from a paralyzing illness by the novena of Mère Catherine-Agnès Arnault.

8 January, their Majesties visit a ball at the Tuileries, hosted by Monsieur, the King’s brother, after which appetizers are served.

9 January, his Majesty grants the office of grand-maître des cérémonies, which has become vacant at the death of Henri Pot de Rhodes, to Charles Pot de Rhodes, the son of the previous office holder. Later on the same day, his Majesty receives the Père Sambuca, general of the Order of Saint-François, who brings with him several people from the Provinces.

10 January, the King receives the nuncio, on the occasion of the canonisation of François de Salles, as well as members of the Parlement of Pau, who came to congratulate him on the birth of the Dauphin.

12 January, their Majesties attend a performance of the Comédiens du Maris, at the rue du Temple, who stage la Toison d’or by Pierre Corneille.

15 January, the King visits the plaine de Grenelle for the review of the gardes françaises.

16 January, the King rises early to hunt the boar in the forest of Saint-Germain.

17 January, his Majesty receives the envoys of the Princesse d’Orange (Amalie zu Solms-Braunfels) and those of the city of Geneva, who come to congratulate him on the birth of Monseigneur, the Dauphin.

18 January, his Majesty grants an audience to the deputies of the chambre des Comptes de Bretagne.

19 January, his Majesty signs the letters patent of authorization for the carrosses à cinq sols, the first form of public transport and the King and Queen receive Monsieur Cristobal de Gaviaria, from the court of Spain, who congratulates them on the birth of the Dauphin. After which his Majesty goes to see the pregnant Madame and dances in a ballet with nine entrées. Monsieur, then, invites to a ball and snacks.

Circa 20 January, a courier informs the King of the death of the Prince de Monaco, Honoré II, which took place on the tenth of January. The Prince is succeeded by his grandson, Louis I, who is married to Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont, daughter of the Duc de Gramont.

20 January, their Majesties receive deputies of the Parliament of Toulouse, and its premier président Monsieur Fioubert, who congratulate them on the birth of Monseigneur, the Dauphin.

22 January, his Majesty visits Versailles for a promenade. After which their Majesties are treated to a fine supper by Monsieur, followed by a splendid ball.

23 January, their Majesties receive the deputies of the chambre des Comptes de Navarre, who bring their best wishes on the birth of the Dauphin.

25 January, talk has it that the King and Mademoiselle de La Vallière engage in even closer contact now. Much to the displeasure of Madame, whose demoiselle she is, and the Comtesse de Soissons. The Mesdames are apparently raging with jealousy.

27 January, their Majesties receive deputies of the Etats de Bretagne, who congratulate them on the birth of Monseigneur, the Dauphin.

28 January, the King receives the Comte Tot, ambassador of Sweden, for a final audience before his departure.

29 January, his Majesty invites to a ball in his grande antichambre and opens it with the Queen. The court, all the ambassadors and foreign ministers and residents are present.