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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, May 1663 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, May 1663

6 May, his Majesty sets out to hunt at Livry, north-east of Paris, in company of the Duc d’Enghien.

8 May, his Majesty receives the deputies of the Sorbonne and is presented with the declaration of the Sorbonne regarding the infallibility of the pope by the Archbishop de Paris.

11 May, Monsieur le Marquis d’Ouatigny is sworn in by his Majesty as the new lieutenant-général of the Champagne.  Monsieur le Duc de Longueville has passed away today at the Hôtel de Saint-Ouen. He played a prominent role during the Fronde, but his Majesty forgave him.

12 May, his Majesty goes to visit the children of the Duc de Longueville, who passed away the previous day, to bestow upon them his heartfelt condolences. After which Monsieur le Comte de Nogent is sworn in by his Majesty as the new lieutenant-général of Basse-Auvergne.

13 May, Pentecôte, his Majesty, wearing the grand collier de l’Ordre, travels to the Feuillants in company of Monsieur, the Princes de Condé et de Conti, the Duc d’Enghien and fifty Chevaliers de l’Ordre. His Majesty attends mass at the Feuillants, held by Cardinal Barberini, and receives the communion. Having travelled to the Tuileries afterwards, his Majesty “gives, according to the pious custom, relief to the diseased which he touches in very great number”. Le Roy te touche et Dieu te guerit. His Majesty returns to the Feuillants in the afternoon in company of her Majesty to attend the sermon of Monsieur Thévenin and the following evensong led by the Archbishop de Rouen.

14 May, his Majesty reviews the grand and petit mousquetaires at the cour du Louvre.

15 May, his Majesty, with company, travels to Vincennes for a promenade.

16 May, his Majesty, with company, travels to Versailles to enjoy the gardens.

18 May, their Majesties have been informed of the demise of the Duchesse de Parme, who died giving birth to her second son and was once considered as bride for his Majesty. Their Majesties wear mourning for the Duchesse today.

19 May, his Majesty receives the Marquis de La Fuente, ambassador of Spain, and after it Monsieur Striggi-Gonzaga and the Prince de Mecklembourg.

24 May, Fête-Dieu, their Majesties attend the great procession at Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois and following the mass and evensong.

25 May, his Majesty names Charles Colbert de Croissy maître des requêtes. He is the younger brother of Jean-Baptiste Colbert. His Majesty then receives the Bishop de Saint-Papoul, who came to put forward a complaint regarding the usurpations of the Protestants of his diocese. After which his Majesty goes to the Hôtel de Longueville to see the Duchesse de Longueville, who has just arrived from Rouen, in order to bring her his condulences upon the death of her husband.

29 May, their Majesties leave Paris in order to spend the coming days at Versailles. His Majesty looks and feels a little exhausted since yesterday noon. His Majesty retires early. He feels unwell, suffers of a strong headache, great fatigue and shows signs of fever! Priez pour sa majesté!

30 May, his Majesty’s fever rose greatly over night. The Messieurs Doctors are worried it might be la rougeole and check his Majesty’s body for any signs of it regularly. Monsieur and the Royal Family have been informed of his Majesty’s unwell-being. The suspicion it could be the measles is quickly confirmed and a bloodletting ordered. His Majesty’s condition is still worsening and the fever rising! Priez pour sa majesté!

31 May, the body of his Majesty is covered with red spots, especially the face. He is watched closely every hour of the day. It is suspected his Majesty contracted the measles from her Majesty, who recently suffered of them as well. His Majesty’s fever is ever so violent and seems to rise with the hours. His condition worsens more and more. It is said that, before the malady was confirmed, talk had it his Majesty has been poisoned. Who would attempt such a vile deed! His Majesty’s whole body is covered with red spots. All of France looks upon the happenings at Versailles with great worry. Some say his Majesty may not survive the night.