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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1664 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1664

Hortense Mancini by Jacob Ferdinand Voet

2 September, it is said Monsieur Mazarin is not treating Madame Mazarin with respect and prone to violent fits of jealousy. Poor Madame Mazarin, it is said, often flees to her brother, Monsieur de Nevers, to escape her husband.

4 September, his Majesty names Madame de La Mothe-Houdancourt governess to the Dauphin.

5 September, his Majesty celebrates his 26th birthday today.

7 September, their Majesties receive Père Mercier of the Ordre de la Sainte-Trinité et redemption des captifs, before his return to Spain.

12 September, his Majesty receives Monsieur le Duc de L

a Vieuville, who has come to swear fealty to his Majesty as his newly appointed gouverneur et lieutenant général en Haut et Bas-Poitou.

13 September, his Majesty names Monsieur le Duc de La Vieuville gouverneur of the town and chateau de Fontenay-le-Comte upon the resignation of the Duc de Roannez.

16 September, his Majesty receives Monsieur le Marquis de La Fuente, the ambassador of Spain.

18 September, her Majesty is in good health, by the grace of God, and her pregnancy thus far without complications. May France be blessed with another healthy Prince. Talk has it her Majesty is not the only one expecting another child, it is said Mademoiselle de La Vallière’s figure indicates the King’s blessings.

20 September, his Majesty leaves Vincennes for Villers-Cotterêts, where Monsieur will host a entertainment.

21 September, Monsieur, on the anniversary of his birth, invites to a fête of great magnificence and various entertainments of a very merry nature.

24 September, his Majesty departs from Villers-Cotterêts and returns to Vincennes.

29 September, his Majesty, in company of the Comte de Soissons and the Marquis de Gesvres, goes to review four compagnies of his gardes du corps in the park of Vincennes.

30 September, his Majesty grants an audience to Monsieur Roberti, nuncio extraordinary, and the ambassador of Holland.