Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, October 1664



3 October, their Majesties receive père Carpendulo, General of the Capucines.

11 October, his Majesty receives Monsieur Roberti, nuncio extraordinary, and afterwards the abbé Le Paulmyer, who has come to offer his Majesty 27 white icelandic falcons as present from the King of Denmark.

12 October, their Majesties and the court leave Vincennes for Versailles, where their Majesties plan to reside the following two weeks.

18 October, their Majesty enjoy the pleasant autumn weather in Versailles. His Majesty rides out to hunt almost daily.

25 October, their Majesties, in company of Monsieur and Madame, leave Versailles for Paris.

26 October, his Majesty receives Monsieur le Marquis de Caracéne, who is introduced to his Majesty by the ambassador of Spain.

28 October, his Majesty receives Monsieur de Beausse, who has been nominated by the Compagnie des Indes as first adviser to the sovereign council of island of Saint-Laurent, also known as Madagascar.

31 October, their Majesties attend evensong at the chapel of the Louvre.

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