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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, August 1664 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, August 1664

Cardinal Flavio Chigi by Jacob Ferdinand Voet, Ariccia, Palazzo Chig

1 August, his Majesty, at around 10 o’clock in the morning, rides to the plaine de Samois to review his troupes. After which his Majesty receives Monsieur de Flavigny, envoy of Monsieur Le Févre de La Barre, his Majesty’s Lieutenant-Général and Gouverneur in Amercia, who has come to tell of the progress made in the French colonies.

2 August, his Majesty receives the ambassador of Mantoue, after which his Majesty sets out to hunt in company of Cardinal Chigi, followed by a performance of the comédie italienne.

3 August, his Majesty invites Cardinal Chigi to join him for luncheon in the salle des Suisses. His Majesty then invites Cardinal Chigi to a promenade in the gardens of Fontainebleau. Monsieur Corneille’s Œdipe will be performed in the evening by the Troupe Royale.

4 August, his Majesty goes to see Cardinal Chigi in his apartments. Her Majesty, la Reine-Mére, invites to a ball and snacks.

5 August, his Majesty invites Cardinal Chigi to the gardens, where ring-races are held.

6 August, having taken his leave, Cardinal Chigi departs Fontainebleau for Paris, where he is thought to arrive on the 9th.

12 August, their Majesties leave Fontainebleau and spend the night at Corbeil. Cardinal Chigi, having visited Paris, departs for Rome in company of the Duc de Montausier.

13 August, their Majesties arrive at Vincennes, where they will reside until the end of summer.

14 August, his Majesty receives Monsieur de La Mont, who comes as envoy of his Majesty’s cousin, the Duc de Beaufort, to give his Majesty a detailed account of the siege of Djidjelli.

15 August, Assomption, their Majesties attend mass at the chapel of Vincennes, followed by a procession and evensong.

16 August, their Majesties welcome her Majesty, la Reine-Mére, at Vincennes. His Majesty attends the second trade council. Present are Monsieur le Chancelier, Monsieur le Duc de Villeroy, and the Messieurs d’Aligre, Le Tellier, de Séve, de Lionne and Colbert.

18 August, his Majesty receives Cardinal Imperiale, after which his Majesty presides over the oaths sworn by the Messieurs Voisin, prevot of the merchants, Faverolles and de La Balle, whose offices have all been extended.

20 August, it is reported the the Christian forces, among them many Frenchmen, defeated the Ottoman army at Saint-Gotthard.

22 August, his Majesty receives the representatives of Languedoc, among them Monsieur de La Vrilliére, secretary of the region, Monsieur de Grignan, lieutenant générale, and the Bishop d’Uzés.

23 August, Carlo Roberti de ‘Vittori, the new apostolic nuncio to France, has made his entry into Paris today. His Majesty will receive the nuncio at Vincennes the following week.

26 August, his Majesty recieves Cardinal Imperiale for his audience of leave, after which his Majesty witnesses the oath sworn by the new Bishop de Saint-Fleur.

27 August, his Majesty has today signed an edit to establish the Compagnie française pour le commerce des Indes orientales, as suggested by Monsieur Colbert.

29 August, his Majesty receives the representatives of the Provence, led by Monsieur de Lionne, secretary of the region, and the Bishop de Digne.

30 August, his Majesty receives the new nuncio in official audience.