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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, August 1662 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, August 1662

1 August, his Majesty, in company of the Messieurs Séguier, Turenne and Villeroy, receives the president and several representatives of the Chambre de justice and reproaches them for acting against his wishes.

2 August, their Majesties enjoy their time at Saint-Germain. Every evening their Majesties promenade in the park to the sound of music. This evening they attend a comedy performed in French and Spanish, after which snacks are served.

3 August, Monsieur Pascal’s condition is very worrisome. From Paris comes the news that Monsieur Pascal has written his last will this day. His Majesty receives the nuncio, who, in the name of the Pope, thanks his Majesty for services and the work he has done for the benefit of Christendom.

15 August, Assumption, at the chapel of Saint-Germain, their Majesties and the court attend the sermon of the Abbé de Chaumont and the vespers. After which their Majesties take part in the following procession.

17 August, his Majesty travels to Paris to visit her Majesty, the Queen-Mother, at the convent of Val-de-Grâce. Their Majesties proceed to the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where the Duc de Beaufort has invited them for a light breakfast, which is followed by two comedies, a grand supper and a ball in the evening, during which snacks are served.

19 August, the news of Monsieur Pascals demise has reached Saint-Germain. He passed away early this morning. It is said his last words were “Puisse Dieu ne jamais m’abandonner.

20 August, in Rome, the Corsican Guard of Pope Alexander VII engages blows with the men guarding the French embassy. Shots are fired at the carriage of Monsieur de Créquy, ambassador to his Majesty. Monsieur and Madame de Créquy are nearly hit. The affair ends with several injured and several dead.

22 August, his Majesty receives representatives of the town of Paris at Saint-Germain, to witness the transition of the charge of the Provost of the Merchants from Monsieur de Séve to Monsieur Voisin. The new Provost and Alderman are sworn in by his Majesty. Their Majesties then travel to the chateau de Maisons, where they are welcomed by the président de Maisons, Monsieur de Longueil, and his son, and treated to a splendid ball and light snacks.

24 August, his Majesty receives the évêque de Genéve, after which he presides over the council of finances, at the end of which word is given to the Prince de Condé, who speaks on behest of the Etats de Bourgogne as governor of the province. Then his Majesty sets out to hunt close to Saint-Germain in company of the Queen and her ladies.

25 August, Fête de Saint Louis, their Majesties attend a sermon of abbé Archange Enguérant, after which his Majesty receives the Marquis Justinuíani, envoy of the Republic of Genoa, who comes to congratulate their Majesties on the birth of the Dauphin.

28 August, his Majesty, in company of the Prince de Condé, hunts the stag in the surroundings of Saint-Germain. After which, his Majesty, barefoot, proceeds to the église des Augustins, which is amidst the forest, to attend mass.

29 August, his Majesty, by means of a special courier, is informed of what took place in Rome earlier this month. Le roi n’est pas amusé.

30 August, his Majesty composes a letter to the Pope and the Cardinals. All diplomatic relations to the Holy See are paused.