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Dangeau’s Diary, August 1689 – Party like 1660

Dangeau’s Diary, August 1689

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau

18th. — The Pope has refused to make a promotion. Cardinal Collorédo was deputed to make the proposition to him, but he would not grant him an audience. Don Livio threw himself on his knees and asked his benediction. The Pope told him not to interfere in any business and that thus he would die more tranquilly.

21st. — The King has sent to Rome the Cardinals Furstemberg and de Bonzi, who are here, and has sent an order to Cardinal de Bouillon, who is at Avignon, to quit that city. Cardinal Camas will not go. The King had his brothers informed that he was so dissatisfied with this pontificate, that he would not employ the cardinals belonging to it. The King gave the cardinals who are here 18,000 livres for their journey. Formerly they had 20,000. But the last journey they took to Rome, Monsieur Colbert would not allow them more than 16,000.

22d. — Many abbés, who possess benefices, arc desirous of going to Rome. But the King would only grant permission to the Abbés de Croissy and Morel. All who have no benefices may go there when the holder of a benefice dies at Rome, the Pope disposes of his benefices, unless he has a brief of non vacandum.

23d. — Monsieur de Croissy waited upon the King at Marly to bring him the intelligence that the Pope died on the 12th of this month.

30th. — The King and all the court have left off mourning for the Queen of Spain. They had worn it six whole months.