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Dangeau’s Diary, October 1687 – Party like 1660

Dangeau’s Diary, October 1687

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau

22d. — Fontainebleau. The King expected that Monsieur le Prince would have been here to speak to him, respecting the conduct of Monsieur le Duc, with whom his Majesty is not satisfied. He wishes him to break off his intimacy with certain young persons. Monsieur le Duc is only anxious to justify his friends, saying, that he alone should be punished, and not those gentlemen, who had used all their efforts to restrain him. By this conduct, Monsieur le Duc has gained much credit, and his friends will be allowed to remain at court, the King being desirous that Monsieur le Duc’s generosity should not be ineffectual.

25th. — The King has permitted Madame de Montchevreuil to resign the office of superintenant of the maids of honour. It is believed that the place will remain vacant. A licentious book has unfortunately been discovered, hidden behind the bed of Mademoiselle M…, who owned that the book had been given her by Monsieur le Duc, but that it had been intended for one of her companions, who, however, strongly denies it. The greatest consternation prevails through the establishment. The King has declared he will not interfere. The Dauphine does wonders, and although she had reason to be dissatisfied with these young ladies, she has promised them her protection, provided they conduct themselves with more propriety for the future.

26th.— The Dauphine has announced, that she will not engage any new ladies of honour, but that she will endeavour to secure their situations to those who remain.

27th. — The King, being importuned by the number of ecclesiastics, who are here waiting for the distribution of livings, which his Majesty is accustomed to make on All Saint’s Day, has desired Pierre la Chaise to announce to them his determination, that not one who is here exclusively upon benefice hunting, shall receive the least preferment.

28th. — The King entered the council-chamber at nine o’clock, and remained there till three-quarters past twelve. The commissioners sent into the provinces, reported the results of their missions. It is said, that they all represented to him the true state of the provinces. Monsieur de Pomereu is reported to have spoken with great good sense. The commissioners who had accompanied them were present.

30th. — As the Dauphine was confessing this evening, she observed her confessor tottering. She was not alarmed, but held him up as long as she could, but his weakness increased to such a degree, that he fell senseless at her feet. His companion entered, and gave the Dauphine absolution.

31st. — The Dauphine is much afflicted at the death of father Freicq, her confessor. She esteemed him very much, and can only confess in German. It is therefore supposed she will choose his companion, father Adehmar, as his successor. The late Queen and Queen-mother were in the same situation as the Dauphine, they always confessed in Spanish.