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Philippe-Charles de France & Louis-François de France – Party like 1660

Philippe-Charles de France & Louis-François de France

After the births of Louis le Grand Dauphin, Anne-Élisabeth, Marie-Anne and Marie-Thérèse, Louis XIV and his wife Marie-Thérèse were blessed with two sons. Unfortunately, just like their sisters, both did not survive infancy.


Philippe-Charles de France was one of the three children of Louis XIV alive at the time the portrait of his family was painted, in 1670.

Philippe-Charles, born on August 5 in 1668 at Saint-Germain, received the title Duc d’Anjou upon his birth. Said title was until this point carried by his uncle, Philippe de France. He was baptised at the Chapelle des Tuileries in Paris on 24 March 1669.

As second born son of Louis XIV, and with his older brother being in fine health, Philippe-Charles was not expected to become Dauphin one day… yet the possibility remained. His mother hoped that he would inherit the vast fortune of his cousin la Grande Mademoiselle some day in the future, something several Bourbons had their eyes on… aged not yet three, while staying at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the little boy began to suffer of a chest infection and died shortly later, on 10 July 1671. Philippe-Charles was buried two days later, on 12 July 1671, at Saint-Denis.

Upon his demise, the title Duc d’Anjou reverted back to the crown and was given to Louis-François. Born on June 14 in 1672 at Saint-Germain, this little prince’s life was even shorter than that of his Philippe-Charles. Louis-François died, where he was born, aged only five months and was buried at Saint-Denis, like his siblings.

Louis-François was the last born child of Louis XIV and Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche.