Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, December 1661

Henrietta Anne Stuart, Duchesse d’Orléans

1 December, his Majesty and Monsieur set out from Fontainebleau to Paris to visit the Queen of England at the Palais-Royal.

1 December, Monsieur Fouquet, his health having improved, is moved with his valet and hid doctor Monsieur Pelisson to the château d’Amboise.

2 December, the King returns to Fontainebleau.

3 December, his Majesty discusses the nominations for the Chevaliers de l’Ordre du Saint-Esprit in the grand cabinet.

4 December, Monsieur Fouquet arrives at the château d’Amboise.

5 December, after a pleasant summer and autumn in Fontainebleau, the court is relocated to Paris.

5 December, his Majesty and their Majesties, the Queen and Queen-Mother, leave Fontainebleau en route to Chartres.

5 December, their Majesties arrive at Villeroy, where they will stay for the night, at four o’clock in the afternoon.

6 December, Fête de Saint-Nicolas, his Majesty and the Queens leave Villeroy at nine o’clock in the morning and proceed to Rochefort, where they will spend the night.

7 December, his Majesty and the Queens arrive in Chartres in the afternoon and are greeted by the Marquis de La Frette, Governor of the place, as well as by various others and the Bishops.

7 December, their Majesties proceed to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, where they are greeted by the Bishop de Chartres and listen to a Te Deum and perform their devotions before going to the Bishop’s palace.

8 December, l’Immaculée Conception, like they had vowed, the King, the Queen and the Queen-Mother make their devotions to thank the Virgin for the birth of a healthy Dauphin.

8 December, their Majesties receive representatives of the town and church, who compliment them on the birth of the Dauphin.

8 December, their Majesties dine separately but in public, after which they go to the vesper and listen to a sermon by the Abbe Le Camus.

8 December, their Majesties visit the treasure vault of the Cathédrale and gaze in wonder at the relics.

9 December, their Majesties hear mass at the Chapelle Sous-Terre, after which they leave Chartres en route to Paris. They will spend the night in Rochefort again.

10 December, their Majesties arrive in Paris and go to the Tuileries to see Madame, who is indisposed, and then to the Louvre, where they receive the Dauphin and Monsieur.

14 December, the King enjoys the hunt in the Bois de Boulogne.

18 December, his Majesty visits the chapel of the Louvre to attend the sermon of Abbé Le Camus.

20 December, his Majesty receives the Marquis Ville, ambassador of Savoy, and the envoys of the Elector of the Palatine and the Elector of Trier who have all come to congratulate him on the birth of a healthy Dauphin.

21 December, the King receives the deputies of the Parlement de Bretagne, led by Monsieur d’Argouges, after which he goes to hunt.

23 December, his Majesty receives the ambassadors of Venice (Alvise Grimani) and Sweden (Claes Tott) as well as the envoys of the Grand-Duc of Tuscany, of the Prince de Montbéliard and of the city of Strasbourg, who all came to forward their compliments.

24 December, his Majesty, her Majesty the Queen and her Majesty the Queen-Mother visit the église des Théatins for the Neuvaine de la Vierge.

24 December, Monsieur Fouquet leaves the château de Amboise for the prison of Vincennes.

25 December, their Majesties attend the midnight service at the chapel of the Louvre after which the King attends the three Christmas masses.

25 December, in the morning their Majesties visit Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois for the blessing of the bread, after which they go to the chapel of the Louvre for mass celebrated by the Bishop de Vannes.

25 December, their Majesties return to the chapel of the Louvre to attend the sermon of Père de Troyes, a Capuchin, and the vesper. After which they go to Val-De-Grâce to meet the Queen-Mother.

27 December, his Majesty goes to Val-de-Grâce to visit her Majesty, his mother.

28 December, the King enjoys the hunt in the surroundings of Paris.

31 December, his Majesty goes to the Hôtel de Luynes, former Hôtel de Chevreuse, to meet with the Chevalier d’Ordre.

31 December, Monsieur Fouquet arrives at Vincennes.

31 December, his Majesty, at around two in the afternoon, visits the grand couvent des Augustins for the reception ceremony of the Chevaliers d’Ordre.

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