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Adieu 2018….. – Party like 1660

Adieu 2018…..

This has become a bit of a tradition, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but many say 2017 was quite a strange year. 2018 tops it for me by far and I’m not even thinking of all the political madness of this year when I say that. So, brace yourself, this will be quite personal. But let’s start with the good stuff, shall we?


On top of that list is clearly that our, mine and Jules Harper’s, Louis XIV book is finally out. You waited for it, we waited for it, and then it happened a little earlier than planned. A big thank you for all your support (looking at you, Tess), your lovely reviews and purchases. I still can’t quite believe that I’m a published author now and if you had told me a couple of years back that something like this would happen, I would have thought you crazy.

Then I published a collection of my many mistress articles as a Kindle e-book with the cheeky title In Bed With The Sun King and my partner-in-pretty-much-everything published her first novel of the Confessions of Monsieur E. Thank you again for your support here. We were by overwhelmed by it all.

What was not so nice, was the last season of Versailles. I won’t bore you again with raging about it. You can read it all in the reviews. I was quite disappointed by it, even more than I expected. I would definitely not watch it a second time. With season two, I often had the desire to skip certain scenes, mostly those involving the Chevalier, and with season three, thinking back, the only thing I would not skip are the Liselotte scenes.

My little side-project on Twitter, Louis XIV Today, has entered it’s second year and you should definitely have a look at it if you are into the Sun King… which you are, otherwise you would not be here.

To keep this short, let’s move to the unpleasant things…. my mum had an eye surgery at the end of last year. One possible complication this kind of surgery could cause, is seeing double… guess what happened. Around a month after the surgery, my mum started to see double. She had to wait a year until they could correct that with another surgery, which happened by now, and in the meanwhile she needed special glasses to correct it. Not many opticians are trained for making those glasses. We spent like 3 months with trying to find an optician, who would do those special glasses without wanting an outrageous amount of money for it. And with outrageous I mean more than both of us earn in two months, because paying that much for a pair of glasses she would only wear for a couple of months, and which would be totally useless after it, was out of the question.

Then some idiot with a SUV drove into her car and a couple of months later, a wild boar ran into her car. There was also quite a bit stress within the family… but the worst of it, is that I had to attend three funerals this year. The first was a close family friend, the second was an uncle, the third was my grandpa. All three died of cancer. My grandpa was diagnosed in Summer and we took care of him at home… which wasn’t easy as you can imagine… and which also might explain the lack of content on here from that time on. I’m very sorry for that. All of that reminded me of the time when I lost my dad, in 2013, and I was quite a bit down after that. I think I got nothing done for like a year then. I spare you the talk paranoia and anxiety.

Two days ago, on December 29, we had to bury one of our cats. Not the fluffy one you know from Twitter, but the one I referred to as outside kitteh. She had acute kidney failure.

Thus, 2018… I shan’t miss you. I hope you guys had a better year and that the coming one will be even better for all of us. I will see you then. xxx