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Louis XIV, the real Sun King by Aurora von Goeth & Jules Harper – Party like 1660

Louis XIV, the real Sun King by Aurora von Goeth & Jules Harper

This is a lovely compact biography of Louis XIV of France. The great aspect and selling point of this book is that it provides a readable comprehensive foundation on the life of Louis XIV. If you like the period or want to know more about France and Europe at this time, this is the perfect place to start. This was a king to whom the entire history of Europe pivots, his importance to not just European but modern global history is incalculable. While no book can say everything about him and his age nor should it, we do need to learn the basic facts first about Louis XIV. This book does this with a well written narrative, excellent period illustrations and with a clear factual biography. ~ NetGalley, reviewed by Willy Marz

Louis XIV, the real Sun King, is a small biography of France’s famous King and looks at all expects of his life. From his early days and childhood, to his taking of power, relationship to his mother and brother, his many loves and mistresses, his health, his wars, his glorious palace Versailles and his not so glorious last years. Featuring many anecdotes about Louis XIV’s life and some never before published illustrations.

It is the perfect starting point to read up on the great Sun King for everyone new to the topic and also those familiar with it might discover some things previously unknown to them.

Did you know that Louis was superstitious and hardly ever travelled on Fridays? That although his court was famous for its fashion, Louis almost never wore fashionable garments? That he had himself painted into portraits of great battles, although he was in fact not there? Or that he had major problems with his teeth and tapeworms?

If this piqued your interest, Louis XIV, the real Sun King, published by Pen and Swords, is now available at every major book outlet. It is available as paperback and e-book on your local Amazon (UKUSDEFR) as well as on Wordery  Book DepositoryWaterstonesBarnes&Noble or directly on the Pen and Sword website.

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  • Patricia O

    I’ll put the book on my “list”. Got to get my roof fixed first! I didn’t know about the teeth and tapeworms though I had heard that he helped make wigs popular because his own locks became a little less plentiful over time.