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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, June 1661 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, June 1661

Henrietta Anne Stuart, Duchesse d’Orléans

1 June, the King receives the Comte de Fuensaldagne, ambassador extraordinary of Spain, for an audience.

3 June, her Majesty invites to a ball, which is opened by the King and Madame.

5 June, Pentecost, the King receives communion in the lower chapel, before, wearing the grand collier de l’ordre, he meets a great number of sick persons to cure them with his touch.

5 June, Pentecost, his Majesty returns to the chapel for mass, celebrated by the Archbishop of Toulouse, before he attends the sermon of the Bishop of Rodez in the salle des gardes in the afternoon and the vesper in the chapel at the early evening.

5 June, Pentecost, the King and members of the court enjoy the evening in the park of Fontainebleau with a promené en caléche.

6 June, his Majesty hears mass, after which he visits the cour des fontaines to attend the training of his Musketeers.

11 June, their Majesties enjoy long walks in the gardens. Monsieur has invited for a ball tonight.

12 June, their Majesties visit the chapel for their devotions and attend, in the afternoon, the vesper and sermon of Père Brignon.

14 June, their Majesties attend a ball, hosted by his Majesty’s cousin the Duc de Beaufort in the park of Fontainebleau.

16 June, Corpus Christi, their Majesties follow the procession at the cour du Cheval-Blanc, before they attend the grand mass, celebrated in the chapel by the Bishop de Rodez, and the vesper.

18 June, their Majesties are entertained by Monsieur le Comte de Saint-Aignan (François de Beauvilliers), who has set up a theatre in one of the alleys of the park.

19 June, the King receives the Archbishop d’Embrun (Georges d’Aubusson de la Feuillade) before he leaves for Spain as French ambassador.

23 June, the King leaves the château de Fontainebleau at around 4 o’clock in the morning on foot to go to the eglise des Carmes des Basses-Loges, half a league nord from the château, for the stations du jubilé.

23 June, the King goes from the eglise des Carmes des Basses-Loges to Avon, half a league east from the château, to continue the stations, before he returns to the château to finish in the chapel.

25 June, his Majesty, in a very good mood, visits Bains-le-Roi, as he has done before in the last days, where Monsieur le duc d’Enghien entertains him with “splendid” snacks and a “very charming” concert.

25 June, his Majesty enjoys the evening air during a walk by the château, before he attends a concert at the jardin du Tibre.

26 June, his Majesty grants an audience to the prelates of the assemblée générale du clergé, lead by the Bishop d’Auxerre (Pierre de Broc).

27 June, his Majesty escorts the Queen-Mother from the château and accompanies her for about two leagues. Her Majesty is in company of Madame and wishes to travel for a few days.

27 June, talk has it la Reine-Mère took Madame with her to keep her out of the King’s sight. Talk also has it that Monsieur is not amused with his brother and spoke with his mother and mother-in-law about the matter.

28 June, his Majesty receives Coenraad van Beuningen, Johann van Gent van Oosterweide and Justus de Huybert, ambassadors of Holland, in audience before he goes out to hunt in the afternoon.

30 June, the King greets his mother, who returns from a visit to Dampierre with Madame, about two leagues from Fontainebleau and escorts her back to the chateau.