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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1662 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, September 1662

1 September, Monsieur de Créquy, his Majesty’s ambassador to the Holy See, has left Rome today in a haste. At Rueil, his Majesty, in company of Monsieur, Madame, and part of the court, enjoys a pleasant promenade, followed by light snacks and a concert of the Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi.

2 September, the nuncio, Celio Piccolomini, who has been ordered to withdraw by his Majesty, following the events in Rome last month, has decided not to fully heed his Majesty’s orders to go to Meaux, and instead took up residence in Saint-Denis.

3 September, after attending mass at the Église Saint-Augustin, his Majesty rides out to hunt the stag in company of Monsieur le Duc de Beaufort and Monsieur le Comte (Eugené-Maurice de Savoie).

5 September, his Majesty is celebrating his birthday at Saint-Germain. Her Majesty, in a happy state, is in good health. It is expected a new Child of France will be born before the end of November.

7 September, the nuncio, Celio Piccolomini, has relocated himself to a Dominican monastery in Gonesse. Thirty of his Majesty’s Musketeers stand guard at all hours. At the chapel of Saint-Germain, his Majesty witnesses the oath sworn by Pierre Marion, Abbé de Saint-Paul, for the bishopsy of Gap.

11 September, His Majesty grants an leave-audience to Monsieur de Wicka, envoy of the Archduke of Innsbruck. A gentleman sent by Monsieur de Créquy arrives at Saint-Germain and is received by his Majesty, who is informed Monsieur de Créquy felt compelled to leave Rome. A council is called in for the evening. His Majesty, during council, decides Monsieur Piccolomini ought to leave the Kingdom at once, for his Majesty does not feel inclined to settle the offence done in and by Rome with the nuncio.

12 September, his Majesty hears mass at the Chapel of Saint-Germain, after which he sets out to hunt the fallow deer in the park.

13 September, Monsieur Piccolomini leaves Gonesse en route to Rome, by means of Lyon. He is escorted by fifty of his Majesty’s Musketeers.

17 September, his Majesty, in company of Monsieur and Madame, visits Versailles, where they dine together. A great ball is planned there for the evening.

18 September, his Majesty enjoys the hunt in the surroundings of Saint-Germain.

19 September, their Majesties leave Saint-Germain to take up residence in Paris once more. Having returned to Paris, their Majesties are welcomed warmly by the people and receive the magistrates of the city.

21 September, their Majesties receive the Cardinal Antonio Barberini.

25 September, his Majesty grants an audience to the ambassador of Venice, Alvise Grimani, after which his Majesty goes to the Louvre in order to observe the training of his mousquetaires. This evening, his Majesty attends mass at the Oratoire in the rue Saint-Honoré.

26 September, his Majesty grants an leave-audience to the Marquis de La Fuente, extraordinary ambassador to Spain.

27 September, his Majesty receives Prince Stanisław Koniecpolski, grandson of the great military commander of the same name, upon his departure from Paris.