Dangeau’s Diary, August 1688

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau

2nd. — Arlequin died this day at Paris. It is said he leaves behind him property worth three hundred thousand livres. All the sacraments were administered to him, because he promised not to appear again on the stage.

18th. — Racine, by command of Madame de Maintenon, is writing an opera, the subject of which is Esther and Ahasuerus. It will be sung and recited by the little girls of Sanit-Cyr. It will not be wholly music. A person, named Moreau, is the composer.

21st. — Monsieur de Croissy has been to inform the nuncio, that his people will receive the same treatment as those of Monsieur de Lavardin have received at Rome, two of whom have been arrested by order of the Pope.

27th. — The Prince de Conti fell head foremost into the canal of Chantilly, but he soon came up again. He had swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and was dragged out by the hair. Two hours after wards, he went to call on Monseigneur, and feels no inconvenience from his accident.

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