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Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, July 1662 – Party like 1660

Chronologie de la vie de Louis XIV, July 1662

Olympe Mancini

1 July, his Majesty names Hardouin de Pérefixe de Beaumont, Bishop of Rodez, to be the new Archbishop of Paris. At the same time, the Bishop of Rennes is made Archbishop of Auch and the Bishop of Castres is named Archbishop of Toulouse.

4 July, the Conseil d’en haut has decided that solely the Chambre de justice has the power of decision-making in matters of Monsieur Fouquet. This makes Monsieur Fouquet unable to appeal to the Parliament. His Majesty, at Saint-Germain, reviews the regiments of his Gardes Suisses.

5 July, troops have been dispatched to the Boulonnais to restore the King’s order in the area. Many there are up in arms and talk has it, even nobles are among the rebels!

6 July, his Majesty, still at Saint-Germain, receives Monsieur le Prince (Louis de Bourbon), who has just returned from Bourgogne.

10 July, talk has it Madame la Comtesse (Olympe Mancini) has taken the Marquis de Vardes as her lover. In the meanwhile, her sister, Madame Mazarin (Hortense Mancini) fears her husband might lock her in a convent. Monsieur Mazarin apparently said he plans to do so.

13 July, his Majesty grants an audience to the Baron de Lérode, envoy of the Duc de Neubourg (Philipp Wilhelm von der Pfalz).

14 July, Monsieur le Duc de Beaufort visits Saint-Germain today in order to pay his respects to their Majesties.

15 July, his Majesty receives the Duc de Holstein, brother of the Queen of Sweden (Hedwig Eleonora von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf).

17 July, his Majesty hunts at #Versailles, before travelling to Paris in order to see his aunt, the Queen of England, before her departure to London. Their Majesties sign the contract of marriage of the Prince de Weimar (Bernhard von Sachsen-Jena) and Mademoiselle de La Trémoille (Marie Charlotte de La Trémoille).

19 July, his Majesty enjoys the hunt at Saint-Germain.

20 July, his Majesty travels to Versailles for the chase, after which he will be joined by her Majesty and selected members of the court for a small feast.

24 July, his Majesty travels to Paris, in order to see his aunt, the Queen of England, once more before her departure to London and to wish her well.

29 July, his Majesty enjoys the hunt in the surroundings of Paris, with a short stop at the Château de Madrid for refreshments.

31 July, the price for a setier of good quality wheat has now surpassed 40 livres in Paris. The result of two years of bad harvests and harsh winters.