Louis XIV, the real Sun King, is ready to pre-order!

Bonjour, everyone. Oui, you read that right. You can now pre-order Louis XIV, the real Sun King, written by the amazing Jules Harper and myself.


It is available to pre-order on your local Amazon (UK, US, DE, FR) as well as on Wordery  Book Depository, Waterstones and on Barnes&Noble.

Or directly from Pen and Swords, our publisher, via their website, where you can also request a signed copy if you fancy. (I’m sure Jules and I can also figure something out and send you something signed to put in your book, if you order from elsewhere… Jules also said something about merch and an interactive book launch…)

Don’t be confused by the different dates you will find on Amazon. The book will be out in June, we were told, they just mixed that up. (Which is not unusual for Amazon.)

As I write this, Jules and I are busy with the last changes for the book (Missing italics and such things. We also finally agreed on a spelling of de Médicis, or rather we already did, but Jules forwarded the wrong spelling (de Médicis is the French spelling, de’ Medici the English spelling), and now we can change it again. We are so very professional, aren’t we?) and I’m currently doing its index, which is a whole lot of fun and the reason why I was a little quiet here… but I’m almost done with it now.

Are you excited and look forward to hold le book in your hands? We are, quite a lot. Once it is out, I of course want to know how you find it. So, make sure to let me know… and the pre-order, the sooner you have it. I keep you updated.


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  • Riffut Aziz

    I would like to pre order the book . Fascinated by Louis XIV . And Marie Antoinette. As well as the last Romanovs. I just wondered if all of the intriguing , educational information you provide in partylike 1660.com , is available ina book format . Although I receive emails about Louis XIV , and the unforgettable characters who graced his Court , with all the plotting and intrigue going on, I hardly get time to read them due to work and family commitments . I have tried to print the articles to make my own folder. I believe the articles are a invaluable, historical resource. But unfortunately I have been unable to print . Can the articles be available in a book format ? Thank you.

    • Aurora von Goeth

      Hiya 🙂 I was thinking of bundling the mistress articles to make them a ebook at some point. As for the rest, I do not know yet. You should be able to print them all however. There is a print button at the bottom of every article.

      • Riffut Aziz

        Tried honestly to print . Not worked . Wanted to build up a file , containing all the different articles . Then when I have time , ( ha ha ? ) , to read at my leisure. I also believe the various articles are a valuable source of information / knowledge for future generations. Is the Louis XIV book ordered through Amazon ? Thank you ?

  • Tess

    Thank you for the comprehensive information. Ngl, I fancy a signed copy and I was planning a rather complicated operation 🙂 (I wanted to send the book to you and then to Jules). Now I will wait for the Pen and Swords offer.
    And I start counting down the days!

    • Aurora von Goeth

      Pen and Swords have live signed stickers from us that they can put in the book. 🙂 But we can also sign something and send it to whoever wants, to put in the book.

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