Versailles Giveaway!

Versailles is finally to air in the UK. Hurray.
BBC Two will air the first season from June 1st on and this calls for a celebration, does it not?



As little thank you for all those that read my Thoughts On Versailles, the one where I talk historical backgrounds for what we see each episode, and for all those that hopefully might have a look at them in the future, I have prepared a little something….

Coming to you straight from the boutique officielle du chateau de Versailles, a white mug with the golden monogram of our favourite King in a lovely box decorated with the same motive. Perfect for drinking tea or coffee in style… or just to look at it and show it off…. along with a expandable 3D pocket guide of the Palace and gardens. Utterly cute.


What do you need to do to win? Check out the widget below, login with Facebook or your email, share it on twitter or leave a comment below the widget on the post. The winner will be chosen randomly, of course. (This is the first time I use this widget, so if you guys dislike it or there are problems, let me know and we will use something different next time.) Bonne chance.

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  • Edwinne De Mey

    My favorit female character is claudine. I know she is a fictional character, but she is a woman with “balls”. And I love women like that. She goes for what she wants! Admirable.
    I won’t say my male favorit one, or I can’t say anymore that I don’t have a favorit one… 🙂 🙂

  • Tess

    Some time ago I read a book version of a “Versailles” (by Elizabeth Massie). In the last paragraph, it turned out that Montcourt is still alive…. I wonder if this will be one of the first scenes of the season 2 ?
    He was disgusting, but the duo Cassel-Montcourt has had their dark slimy charm.. 🙂 ?

  • Pers

    Aw thank you!
    An amazing giveaway on an amazinh blog :’)
    It’s too hard to choose only one! PHILIPPE?CHEVALIER?JACQUES? FABIAN?BONTEMPS? HUUUUUU <3

  • JohnWatsGoingOn

    I have no idea how on earth you think I will ever be able to pick my favourite. But…since I have to, will pick the most majestic and beautiful in the entire series….

    I pick… Minos le noir ;D
    Bcs lets face it he is so fabulous and all the humans are equally amazing T^T

  • Arianna

    This giveaway came right on time for the birthday of my friends, huge fan likr of Versailles.

    My favorite character, right now, could be Madame Françoise-Athenais de Montespan.
    I know.
    I know.
    She is a cunning woman, but if i may quote Game of Thrones: she know very well how to play the game here (historical fact), instead of Louise and Henrietta.
    She know her place, she know how to use people and that is something remarkable for an ambitious woman like her

  • Laura

    What a great giveaway! And that’s to that I discover you and this blog, what a win win.

    It’s difficult to pick just one character but I guess I’ll say… Phillipe. He really surprised me in every episode.

    I must recognize that when Louis was going around the palace, mi mind was thinking about that time I went there few years ago. Gosh, it’s so beautiful! *-*

  • em weir

    i love philippe so much just because he made me feel so comfortable with myself and seeing his personality throughout the show was really amazing

  • Alohamicha

    If I really had to choose just ONE favorite character it would have to be Philippe.

    It’s just all the aspects of his character, the emotional roller coaster and all the little things I can relate to so very well.

    So yes, it would be Philippe.

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