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Better and lesser known gentlemen of Louis XIV’s court

Louis XIII

Louis XIII succeeded to the French throne shortly before his ninth birthday and his reign lasted 33 years. It was full of intrigues, wars and seemingly endless worries about not being able to produce anContinue reading

François-Timoléon de Choisy

One of my favourite people of Louis le Grand’s court is the Abbé de Choisy. A 17th century transvestite who lived a rather adventurous life.   Born in 1644 in Paris, he came from aContinue reading

Louis de Rouvroy, Duc de Saint-Simon

Saint-Simon. You probably heard that name once or twice before and most likely in combination with quotes. Louis de Rouvroy, commonly called Saint-Simon, managed to write himself into the history books of the world by writingContinue reading

François Michel Le Tellier de Louvois

Born in Paris on January 18 in 1641, François Michel Le Tellier de Louvois was the son of Michel Le Tellier. A man from a Parisian magistrate family, who became maître des requêtes under Louis XIII and, thanks toContinue reading

Jules Raymond Mazarin, Cardinal Mazarin

Born on 14 July 1602 in the Kingdom of Naples as Giulio Raimondo Mazzarini, sometimes also spelled Mazzarino, the First Minister of France comes from a rather modest background. His grandfather, Giulio Mazzarini, was a craftsmanContinue reading

Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Born in Reims on 29 August 1619 into a family of wealthy merchants, Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s family claimed to descend from ancient Scottish nobility, something that could never be proved. His father Nicolas Colbert, Sieur de Vandières, acted as merchantContinue reading

Guy Armand de Gramont, Comte de Guiche

Guy Armand de Gramont, mostly just called by his second name Armand, was born on November 25 in 1637. He achieved fame due to his bravery on the battlefield, his libertine lifestyle and his scandalous affair withContinue reading

Nicolas Fouquet

Born in Paris into a wealthy family on January 27, 1615, Nicolas Fouquet made it to the heights of political power and fell very deep. His father, François Fouquet, was a member of the noblesse de robeContinue reading

Philippe-Jules Mancini, Duc de Nevers

Filippo Giulio Mancini was born on May 26, 1641 in Rome as second son of Girolama Mazzarini, sister of Cardinal Mazarin, and the Italian aristocrat Lorenzo Mancini. Just like his sisters, he adopted the FrenchContinue reading

Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Vermandois

Louis de Bourbon was born at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 2 October 1667 as youngest of five illegitimate children of Louis XIV and Louise de La Vallière. His three older brothers already died beforeContinue reading