Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode ten….

We are at the last episode of this new season. Are you exited? Will we get a major cliffhanger again? Will the King be poisoned? So many questions, so lets jump straight back in time to 17th century France and Versailles. Madame de Montespan narrowly escaped Fabien last episode and is having a bit of a wash in her rooms…. Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode nine….

Episode nine. That means only one more to go and before we dive into this episode I will put a rant warning here. I have seen the episode already and before I did so the first time, I was actually warned about a scene. This scene will get me to rant a bit again later on…. and I feel terrible… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode eight….

Our King is on his way back to Versailles and we are at episode eight. I actually felt a little guilty after complaining so much again last episode…. How long does it take to travel from Holland to Versailles on horseback? I can’t quite say. I do have a note somewhere that lists distances and how fast one could travel… Read more »

Monsieur, Madame, their bed and the Virgin Mary…

I do love court anecdotes and this is probably my favourite of them all. It’s cute, hilarious and took place in the bed of Monsieur and Madame…. and thanks to the latter’s habit to write pretty much everything down in various letters, we can have a bit of a laugh about it today.   The letter that contains this lovely anecdote… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode seven….

Episode seven. This means we are drawing close to the end of this season. Last episode finished with a smug William of Orange and a dripping wet Louis XIV. Although in a state of wetness and anger, or perhaps because of it, our King did look quite dashing. Don’t you think? We return to the convent and find Louis and… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode six….

Bonjour again. We are half way through season two and left off last episode with our King drawing some lines with his own blood on a plan of his Palace of Dreams. It’s in the walls. Before watching episode six, I was told it would be a bit as if Philippe was King… so I am looking forward to discover… Read more »

Françoise d’Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon

A plague at the Hotel du Chaumont in Niort suggests Françoise d’Aubigné, the future Marquise de Maintenon, was born there… but that seems not to be quite true. Her father, Constant Agrippa d’Aubigné lodged in the city of Niort, in its prison to be precise, for allegedly conspiring against Cardinal Richelieu. He led quite the debauched life, murdered his wife along with her… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode five….

Episode five, this means we are half way through the season. Last season things really started to kick off then. I’m thrilled to discover how this new season continues, but before we travel back in time to 17th century France allow me to say something regarding the previous episode. It did get a little ranty… or rather I got a… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode four….

Bonjour. Comment allez-vous? Did something happen last episode? Something dramatic? Like someone getting stabbed? Ah, oui. Fabien got a knife in his chest and we start with him pulling said knife out. He yells for the guards and collapses. It appears the guards found him and he is brought to Claudine. He will live, for it appears his heart might… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode three….

The last episode finished with the screams of Madame de Montespan and the dramatic/mysterious blowing out of candles as a certain Madame Agathe turned her cards. Now we see Louis in his Apollo costume, the one he originally wore during the Ballet Royal de la Nuit. It was first performed in 1653 and took a whole thirteen hours. Louis XIV… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode two….

Here we are again. Back in Versailles with episode two. The last episode finished with a solar eclipse and a beheading, now we start in with a yawning Louis XIV walking through a salon. Our King seems unable to sleep and is nearly hit by a falling chandelier. Bossuet thinks it’s a bit of a sign. The historical Bossuet was quite… Read more »

The two marriages of Philippe de France

A 17th century marriage was more or less a business contract. It was about wealth, titles, patronage, heirs, and if one was a member of a royal house about politics. Everyone involved was aware of it. Monsieur had the bliss, he would probably call it misfortune, to be married twice. As brother of the Sun King it was his duty to marry… Read more »

Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode one….

March 27 was the day we had all waited for. The day we finally got some new Versailles. The excitement was great. The feelings aflutter. What will this new season bring? Like pretty much everyone else, I followed what happened between season one and season two on various social media platforms. I eagerly jumped at any new footage from the… Read more »

Dangeau’s Diary, April 1686

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5th. — Quinault has requested the King to excuse him from writing operas. During his last illness, some scruples occurred to him. His Majesty has acquiesced in his wish. He is about writing a poem, explanatory of the paintings of Le Brun in the gallery of Versailles. 18th. — The King has sent the Duc de la Force to Saint-Magloire. It… Read more »

Élisabeth-Charlotte du Palatinat, Duchesse d’Orléans

She is known under many names and one of my favourite people in history. In Germany most people know her by her nickname Liselotte von der Pfalz. In France she is Élisabeth-Charlotte du Palatinat or de Bavière, some call her la Palatine or simply Madame. As she was born in Heidelberg on May 27 in 1652, her parents gave her the name Elisabeth… Read more »

Versailles Season Two: La première….

Yesterday, March 27, the day had finally arrived. Versailles season two started. Did I watch it? Oh, oui. Canal + spoiled us with two new episodes yesterday, but do not worry… I shan’t spoil you too much here. Firstly because my French is not good enough and secondly because I plan on doing the proper reviews when I get the dvd…. Read more »